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Our people are at the center of everything we do. Meet the Brilliant SA team, comprising of the best bathroom and kitchen designers Adelaide has to offer.
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Our Team

We’ve assembled our team from a range of talented people, each committed to their craft and driven by a desire to make your renovation as convenient as possible. We have a diverse array of professional experiences, talents and individual attributes, respected across the industry.

Below are our core operational team who will be the driving force behind the success of your renovation project.


Peter Sveinsson and Mick Pietrus formed Brilliant SA with the aim to make a difference. They set out to create a building company that would provide a new level of quality and service to their clients. To do this, Peter and Mick have adopted a company philosophy that is applicable to every aspect of the business.

They have built a team of dedicated people, each with unique skills, talents and expertise, who come together to do rewarding and meaningful work for people who care about quality results. They remain accessible and accountable – both to clients and the BSA team.

Peter and Mick apply their leadership skills, expertise and experience to provide their customers with a unique design and renovation experience.

Peter Sveinsson

Peter Sveinsson, Managing Director
Peter Sveinsson
CEO, General Manager

Certified Bathroom Designer, CBD Au
Certified Construction Professional, CCP

Peter is responsible for the day-to-day management and strategic direction. He is a European trained Master Mason with over 30 years industry experience and 25 years of business management.
His approach in his role as General Manager of Brilliant SA reflects his early trade training in regards to his attention to detail and fanaticism in ‘getting things right’.

A Qualified and Certified Bathroom Designer (CBD Au) since 1997, Peter is a founding member and former chair of the South Australian Chapter of the Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute of Australia (KBDi). He is a current KBDi Board Director.

Mick Pietrus

Michael Pietrus, Sales Director
Mick Pietrus
Sales & Construction Manager

Certified Construction Professional, CCP

Mick was the company’s original registered Building Supervisor. Also from a trade background, Mick has attended ongoing professional development courses throughout his career, resulting in qualifications that allow him to perform and supervise almost any building work.
Mick’s 38 years’ experience in the industry coupled with his passion for quality trades work and customer service has been instrumental in establishing the high standards associated with Brilliant SA today.

In his role as Sales and Construction Manager, he takes responsibility for the promises we make and ensures we keep them.


Good design meets current needs, but great design allows for changes in the future as well.

A fulfilling design experience will come from a process where you are heard, where your wants and needs are considered and understood. The empathetic designer seeks to extract and interpret your thoughts, enrich them and add suggestions to bring your dream home to life.

Design is at the forefront of our business and we are immensely proud of our multi-award-winning design team, who are some of the best bathroom and kitchen designers Adelaide has to offer.

Steve Mahlo

Steve Mahlo, Designer
Steven Mahlo
Kitchen and Bathroom Designer

Certified Kitchen Designer, CKD Aust. (KBDi)

Greensmart Accredited (HIA)

Qualified Chef


Steve has 15 years of industry experience, with a multitude of housing, kitchen, bathroom, and designer awards to his name. Before joining the design industry, Steve excelled as a chef in some of Australia’s finest restaurants giving him a unique perspective into kitchen design. After 12 successful years designing in Sydney, Steve relocated back to Adelaide and joined Brilliant SA in 2011.

Steve specialises in creating appealing, innovative and functional designs for any interior space and has accumulated an extensive and diverse portfolio. His product knowledge, understanding of the construction process, and emphasis on listening to clients’ needs, provides a solid foundation for finding solutions and achieving outstanding and pleasing results.

Awards & Recognition

Steve has been the designer for the following awards:
2013 – Winner – National Alterations/ Additions $150,000 – $350,000

SA HIA Kitchen and Bathroom Awards:
2013 – Winner – Renovated Bathroom Project between $45,001- $55,000

2013 – Winner – Excellence in a Renovation or Addition up to $200,000

SA KBDI Kitchen and Bathroom Awards:
2013 – Highly Commended – Large Bathroom
2013 – Finalist – Small Bathroom
2012 – Finalist – Medium Kitchen
2011 – Finalist – Large Bathroom

National KBDI Kitchen and Bathroom Awards:
2009 – Finalist – Australian Certified Designer of the Year

NSW KBDI Kitchen and Bathroom Awards:
2009 – Finalist – Large Kitchen Designer
2009 – Finalist – Small Bathroom Designer

National HIA Kitchen and Bathroom Awards:
2006 – Winner – Kitchen Project of the Year
2006 – Finalist – Bathroom Project of the Year
2005 – Finalist – Kitchen Designer of the Year

NSW HIA Kitchen and Bathroom Awards:
2007 – Finalist – Most Innovative use of Materials in a Kitchen or Bathroom
2007 – Finalist – Small Bathroom under 5 m2
2006 – Winner – Best Kitchen in an Apartment/Terrace
2006 – Finalist – Kitchen Designer of the Year
2006 – Finalist – Bathroom Designer of the Year
2006 – Finalist – Bathroom Project of the Year
2006 – Finalist – Best Kitchen Designed to a Specific Theme – Modern
2006 – Finalist – Most Innovative Use of Materials in a Kitchen or Bathroom
2006 – Finalist – Bathroom Designed to a Specific Theme – Modern
2006 – Finalist – Bathroom in an Apartment/Terrace
2005 – Winner – Kitchen Project of Year
2005 – Winner – Bathroom Project of Year
2005 – Winner – Best Bathroom to a Specific Theme – Modern
2005 – Winner – Best Kitchen in an Apartment/Terrace
2005 – Winner – Large Kitchen over 18 m2
2005 – Winner -Large Bathroom over 5 m2
2005 – Finalist – Kitchen Designer of the Year
2005 – Finalist – Bathroom Designer of the Year
2005 – Finalist – Best Kitchen in an Apartment/Terrace
2005 – Finalist – Best Bathroom in Apartment/Terrace
2005 – Finalist – Small Kitchen up to 12 m2
2005 – Finalist – Best Kitchen Designed to a Specific Theme – Modern
2004 – Winner – Kitchen Designer of the Year
2004 – Winner – Best Kitchen in an Apartment/Terrace
2004 – Finalist – Kitchen Project of the Year
2004 – Finalist – Bathroom Project of the Year
2004 – Finalist – Best Kitchen Designed to a Specific Theme – Modern
2004 – Finalist – Kitchen Project – Large
2004 – Finalist – Kitchen Project – Medium
2004 – Finalist – Most innovative use of Materials in a Kitchen or Bathroom
2003 – Finalist – Kitchen Project – Medium
2002 – Winner – Best Kitchen in an Apartment/Terrace
2002 – Finalist – Kitchen Designer of the Year
2002 – Finalist – Best Kitchen Designed to a Traditional Theme
2002 – Finalist – Geoff Solomon’s Achievement Award

Bronwyn Aldridge

Bronwyn Aldridge, Designer
Bronwyn Aldridge
Design Consultant

Interior Designer and Building Designer


Bronwyn’s down to earth and honest approach in communication allows her to truly understand her clients desires and interpret them into functional and well thought out aesthetic designs.

Multi-disciplined in both interior and building design, Bronwyn has experience in a range of project sizes and a thorough knowledge of the process required to achieve a desirable result. As Bronwyn engages with her clients, her passion for what she does is evident and that passion exudes through her designs and into her completed spaces.

Jessica Crook

Jessica Crook, Designer
Jessica Crook
Design Consultant

Bachelor of Interior Architecture (DBIR)
Member of Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute


Offering outstanding service to her clients, Jess strives to provide the best design solutions while working within budget and space constraints.

Her knowledge of building design, joinery design, and the construction process means Jessica confidently provides design concepts and solutions for her clients that maximize functionality without forgoing aesthetics. Thriving on exploring different options, her creative and practical design solutions are a result of her ability to listen attentively to her clients, deeply consider their needs and bring their vision alive. Jessica’s designs reflect each client’s uniqueness and she loves sharing the excitement that builds within her clients as they create a new space together.


Our office staff are the backbone of our business and they are on hand to help you at every stage of the design and construction process. From your first visit to our showroom and throughout, these ladies are here to support you.

Deanne Hudson

Deanne Hudson, Office Manager
Deanne Hudson
Office & Accounts Manager
Dee is in charge of all things relating to our Accounts and Administration and runs things efficiently with a “no fuss” attitude and a smile.
Before joining BSA in early 2016, Dee had already forged a successful career in real estate and property management. This is where she honed her management skills and earned a reputation for her professional approach to all tasks.
Since her arrival, Dee has already demonstrated her abilities to affect positive changes within the business and we look forward to further development of all administrative systems and processes.

Olivia De Palma

Olivia De Palma, Client & Project Support Officer
Olivia De Palma
Client & Project Support

Olivia is our Director of First Impressions, greeting our clients in person and on the phone with a bright, friendly smile. While she’s a newcomer in our team, she brings with her a wealth of skills and experience which are evident in all she does.

Being super-organised, she manages the behind the scenes coordination and orders for our projects and integration between our Design and Construction teams.

Olivia plays an integral role in the day-to-day operations, assisting the Directors with a variety of tasks. Olivia will take increasing responsibility for marketing activities, including social media.


Once your dream space has been designed, you want peace of mind knowing the build and construct part of the process will be looked after just as expertly. It’s here our Construction Supervision and Management team will be on-hand to manage every aspect of your renovation and answer any queries that may arise during the process. Our highly-experienced team has seen it all and has the skills and expertise to ensure your project is completed to the standard you (and we) expect.

David Lamond

David Lamond, Supervisor
David Lamond
Building Supervisor

David’s ability to coordinate and produce quality renovation work has quickly gained him respect among clients and his peers. A skilled carpenter by trade, David joined our supervision team in 2010, and his thorough understanding of construction methods and processes has made him an asset.

His even temperament and character have made him a favourite – to the point where repeat clients regularly request that Dave be appointed to supervise their next project.

David has supervised several award winning projects for Brilliant SA and continues to set a benchmark for quality and service.

Rob Wallace

Rob Wallace, Supervisor
Rob Wallace
Building Supervisor
Rob first joined us as a Building Supervisor in 2007 and is now back home after a few years in the wilderness. Originally a tiler by trade, Rob has a comprehensive building knowledge and years of construction experience in bathrooms and kitchens.
Rob’s greatest strength is his ability to simply get things done, resolving issues and managing his jobs efficiently. With his joyful demeanor, he gets along easily with clients, trades and colleagues.

Steve Linke

Steve Linke, Demolition
Steve Linke

Our resident demolition man, Steve makes our clients old spaces seem like a distant memory. While demolition can be messy work, Steve takes care to professionally and safely remove everything that is necessary to make way for the construction of a new Brilliant SA space. Steve will be a regular cheerful face on site and always lending a hand.