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Warm Contemporary

05 Jun Warm Contemporary Home

Contemporary Home Our clients didn't want to move from their home in the foothills of Adelaide. Built in 1999, the single storey,"Reproduction Federation" style home had the typically heavy features of the era  prominent both internally and externally. The clients wanted to exchange these for a more modern and contemporary style. An extensive renovation was carried out to transform the house...

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Matte Black Modern Shower Bench Seat

05 Jun Matte Black Modern

Matte Black Modern Simplicity rules in this matte black modern masterpiece. Its hard to believe this space started out as cluttered pastel pink bathroom. This family of four simply needed more than they were getting from their only bathroom. A visit from foreign family motivated the owners to contact Brilliant SA in the hopes of transforming their bathroom. A short deadline was only...

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White Wonderland

25 May White Wonderland

White Wonderland Whole Home Renovation This renovation completely transformed a classic bungalow into a refreshing and modern white wonderland. The owners of this 1920s bungalow really wanted to lighten the heavy, gaudy wooden features throughout the house. It was important to introduce more light into all renovated areas. Kitchen Removing the slate flooring, although an expensive and arduous job, was the first and most...

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Crisp Contrast Bathroom

24 May Contrasting Modern

Contrasting Modern WINNER 2018 HIA (SA) Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards Renovated Bathroom over $55,001 This space, believe it or not, began as a tight bathroom and kitchen. Our clients decided to relocate the kitchen to the back of the house pending further renovations. As a result, this allowed us to remove a wall and as a result create one spacious bathroom. The clients...

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Earthy Escape Tiles

24 May Earthy Escape

Earthy Escape Our clients desired an update to their ensuite and main bathroom that complemented the classic contemporary style and tones used throughout the house. The result is a refreshing space, incorporating neutral tones and the warmth of an earthy escape. The old ensuite and bathroom were both smaller spaces, with small tiles and lacking storage and heating. The clients wanted to improve...

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Modern Industrial Shower

24 May Modern Industrial

Modern Industrial The clients informed our designer of a clear brief for this renovation from the outset. Our clients had a distinct vision - a highly functional modern industrial ensuite. The original ensuite of this master suite were simply too small for the busy professional couple occupying it. Space was restrictive in all areas; a small shower, very limited storage and no...

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Stylish Retreat Travertine Freestanding Bath

24 May Stylish Retreat

Stylish Retreat Set beachfront in Adelaide’s northern beaches this two storey home was in need of an ensuite update. The original was, in the opinion of the owners, dysfunctional and not particularly aesthetically pleasing. Our clients, both time poor shift workers in their 50’s, wanted their upstairs ensuite to have a sleek and stylish retreat like feel. The clients requests upon consultation...

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Contemporary Traditional Fusion Shaker Black Vanity

24 May Modern-Trad Fusion

Modern-Trad Fusion WINNER 2018 HIA (SA) Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards Bathroom of the Year Bathroom Design of the Year Renovated Bathroom $35,001-$55,000 Our clients came to us with a handful of wonderful ideas, some beautiful pre selected tiles and unique tapware. They simply required some guidance in bringing their ideas together to create a contemporary traditional fusion that worked together. The original space was dysfunctional and doused...

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Neutral Carrara Kitchen Breakfast Bar

18 Sep New Modern Townhouse

New Modern Townhouse This 2001 built, double story townhouse, underwent an extensive renovation. Out with the creams and in with a new modern, crisp colour palette! The rooms for updating included the Kitchen, Ensuite, Powder room, Study and Laundry. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of this project was the sheer size versus the respective timeline for completion. Our client was expecting a completed result...

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13 Sep Minimalist Bathrooms

Minimalist Luxury Bathrooms Our designer transformed the original three way bathroom to two separate, hotel inspired, minimalist bathrooms for our clients. Both rooms share very similar sleek, hotel style finishes. Attention to detail and all the luxury finishes feature in these feature packed bathrooms. Ensuite The clients had lived with a 3 way bathroom for so long, they simply longed for a private ensuite. Therefore, we began by closing...

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