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Seeing is believing.


You want to see examples of our work. That’s great, because we’re proud of what we do and are happy to show you.

The Photo Gallery and Project Gallery will give you some insight into what we have done in the past.

We hope it also serves to help you to work out the kinds of themes, styles and features that are just right for you.

Please note that you can bookmark/share any of the images on your favourite social sites. You can build a collection for your project.

All the images are from our projects, taken and used with permission of our clients.


Deep Wood Grain Gloss Vanity

Picture Gallery

Photos and more photos. No talk.

We could tell you how amazing some of these projects are, but you probably wouldn’t believe us. There are some simple gems in there too

What’s your style?


Our Projects

Here you can get the story behind the picture.

Images and background information

Some case studies with before and after images

Take a look and see the final solutions in context

Subway Tiles Gas Cooktop Oven