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Earthy Escape Tiles

24 May Earthy Escape

Our clients desired an update to their ensuite and main bathroom that complemented the classic contemporary style and tones used throughout the house. The result is a refreshing space, incorporating neutral tones and the warmth of an earthy escape. The old ensuite and bathroom were both smaller spaces, with small tiles and lacking storage and heating. The clients wanted to improve functionality...

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Modern Industrial Shower

24 May Modern Industrial

The design brief for this renovation was made clear from the outset. Our clients had a distinct vision - a highly functional modern industrial ensuite. The original ensuite of this master suite were simply too small for the busy professional couple occupying it. Every aspect of the room was restricted in space; a small shower, very limited storage and no bench...

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Stylish Retreat Travertine Freestanding Bath

24 May Stylish Retreat

Set beachfront in Adelaide’s northern beaches this two storey home was in need of an ensuite update. The original was, in the opinion of the owners, dysfunctional and not particularly aesthetically pleasing. Our clients, both time poor shift workers in their 50’s, wanted their upstairs ensuite to have a sleek and stylish retreat like feel. The clients requests upon consultation were...

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06 Jul Earthy Tones

Earthy Tones This ensuite was renovated with a strong focus on complementing the private outdoor garden by using simplified hues and beautiful earthy tones. The Result The result is a stunning room which creates an ambient relaxing and resort feeling for the user. Why not have a bathroom with a view! Designed by Peter Sveinsson and built by the Brilliant SA team....

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