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17 Dec Cool Contemporary

Cool Contemporary Bathroom To transform the 1950’s Main bathroom into the 21st century, with contemporary fixtures & fittings with a splash of colour.  The clients were after a larger shower, better use of storage space and updated bathware and tiles that were easy cleaning. New PVC underfloor plumbing was installed to bring the plumbing in compliance with building code standards and the basin...

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Crisp Contrast Bathroom

24 May Contrasting Modern

Contrasting Modern WINNER 2018 HIA (SA) Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards Renovated Bathroom over $55,001 This space, believe it or not, began as a tight bathroom and kitchen. Our clients decided to relocate the kitchen to the back of the house pending further renovations. As a result, this allowed us to remove a wall and as a result create one spacious bathroom. The clients...

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Earthy Escape Tiles

24 May Earthy Escape

Earthy Escape Our clients desired an update to their ensuite and main bathroom that complemented the classic contemporary style and tones used throughout the house. The result is a refreshing space, incorporating neutral tones and the warmth of an earthy escape. The old ensuite and bathroom were both smaller spaces, with small tiles and lacking storage and heating. The clients wanted to improve...

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Stylish Retreat Travertine Freestanding Bath

24 May Stylish Retreat

Stylish Retreat Set beachfront in Adelaide’s northern beaches this two storey home was in need of an ensuite update. The original was, in the opinion of the owners, dysfunctional and not particularly aesthetically pleasing. Our clients, both time poor shift workers in their 50’s, wanted their upstairs ensuite to have a sleek and stylish retreat like feel. The clients requests upon consultation...

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Contemporary Traditional Fusion Shaker Black Vanity

24 May Modern-Trad Fusion

Modern-Trad Fusion WINNER 2018 HIA (SA) Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards Bathroom of the Year Bathroom Design of the Year Renovated Bathroom $35,001-$55,000 Our clients came to us with a handful of wonderful ideas, some beautiful pre selected tiles and unique tapware. They simply required some guidance in bringing their ideas together to create a contemporary traditional fusion that worked together. The original space was dysfunctional and doused...

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Neutral Carrara Kitchen Breakfast Bar

18 Sep New Modern Townhouse

New Modern Townhouse This 2001 built, double story townhouse, underwent an extensive renovation. Out with the creams and in with a new modern, crisp colour palette! The rooms for updating included the Kitchen, Ensuite, Powder room, Study and Laundry. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of this project was the sheer size versus the respective timeline for completion. Our client was expecting a completed result...

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29 Sep Innovative Bathroom Design Wins Awards

Bathroom Design of the Year - KBDi & HIA. KBDi Design Awards 2015 - Bathroom Designer of the Year (SA) and Best Large Bathroom Design (SA) HIA Awards SA 2015 - Bathroom Designer of the Year Designer: Jordan Smith for Brilliant SA The owner's goal for this project was to create a functional, retreat like bathroom for their busy family, whilst complementing the remainder...

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30 Nov Traditional Elegance

Traditional Elegance The original cramped, dated and dark bathroom was given a much-needed update, which started with knocking out the wall between the bathroom and study to create one larger, more user-friendly space. Part of the reason for this was that the clients really wanted to include a separate bath and shower. In keeping with the older style of the home,...

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14 Jan Award Winning Transformation

Award Winning Transformation HIA South Australian Housing Awards: 2014 Winner (SA) – Renovated Bathroom Project over $55,000. KBDi Design Awards: 2014 Winner (SA) - Jordan Smith for Brilliant SA: - Bathroom Designer of the Year -  South Australia - People’s Choice Award: Australian Bathroom Design of the Year - Large Bathroom Design, South Australia - Finalist - Australian Bathroom Designer of the Year, Jordan Smith An award winning...

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06 Mar Open Access Bathroom

Universal Open Access Bathroom Our clients needed an open access bathroom with facilities for the use of a wheelchair. The bathroom is an essential part of any home, to cater for all people, regardless of physical ability. Our designer successfully transformed this bathroom into a fully functional universal bathroom. Specific attention was placed on the height of the vanity and bath...

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