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Warm Contemporary

05 Jun Warm Contemporary Home

Contemporary Home Our clients' didn't want to move and decided it was time to transform their heavy victorian house into a warm contemporary home. An extensive renovation was carried out on this 1999 built, single storey, brick veneer home in the foothills of Adelaide. Victorian period features were prominent both internally and externally. The clients wanted to remove those heavy features and introduce...

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Coastal Elegance Galley Kitchen

09 May Coastal Elegance

Coastal Elegance Imagine living in Glenelg in the early 1900’s with a kitchen smaller than most modern residential entrance halls. Yes, we are talking about an old gas cooker surrounded by a concrete hob. No bench kitchen tops or storage! This was the reality for our client for many years until we added a touch of coastal elegance to her kitchen! Adjacent...

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Full Home Renovation (5)

18 Jul Full Home Renovation

Full Home Renovation This home received a full home renovation consisting of the kitchen, laundry and all three bathrooms. The new design creates an open kitchen and living area, with modernized and functional bathrooms that suit the needs of the clients. Designed and built by the Brilliant SA team. #1307...

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31 Oct Laundry Bathroom Combination

Laundry Bathroom Combination This versatile space saving laundry bathroom combination caters for the modern family. The Result A fully functional laundry integrated into a bathroom results in both a compact laundry and the advantage of gaining an extra bathroom. Designed and built by the Brilliant SA team. #1041...

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Space Saving Laundry

01 Dec Space Saving Laundry

Space Saving Laundry The clients requested a space saving laundry in an area that was only exposed when it needed to be used. Consequently, by using two sets of bi-folding doors the laundry was concealed in the dining area, allowing more room in other areas of the home. The Result As a result, the laundry is well designed, functional, and suited perfectly to the clients...

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