Bushland Retreat
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Bushland Retreat



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About This Project
Bushland Retreat

KBDi Design Awards 2012: Winner – Large Bathroom Design SA.

KBDi Design Awards 2012: Bathroom Designer of the Year, J Izzo

Featured in Designer Kitchens and Bathrooms, K & B Quarterly, Bathroom Yearbook

Originally built in the 1970s, this Ironbank house had been constructed by an owner/builder and, as a result, featured many structural and electrical hazards that had to be rectified. In particular, the bathroom was in desperate need of repair and it took the combined expertise of the Brilliant SA team to create this serene and relaxing, family-friendly space.

Another special consideration in this renovation was to comply with the Bushfire Attack level (BAL 40) requirements. The window unit was enlarged and modified to include a stainless-steel grill to protect against ember attack while a wall exhaust fan was installed to combat the lack of ventilation. In-screed floor heating not only adds a touch of luxury but also combats the damp and mould issues of the original bathroom.

The location and specifications of fittings and fixtures was carefully considered to ensure the end result would be spacious, light and bright. A fixed 10mm frameless glass panel creates an open feel to the shower entrance while the linear wall-hung vanity unit was designed with minimalism in mind.

Located within gorgeous natural surroundings, the owners wanted the bathroom’s design to be harmonise with its surroundings. The JN Fossil Leaf feature tile, embossed with a fossil leaf design, was chosen to emphasis the organic nature of the environment, and influenced other design and product choices along the way. The Kong 90 basin, designed by Giovanni Massimiliano Braconi, with soft curves and leaf like shape, was the perfect feature piece to complement the design.

Designed and built by the Brilliant SA team.