Super-sleek Bathroom
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Super-sleek Bathroom



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About This Project
Super-sleek Bathroom

Mixed Patterns and Textures to Create Award-Winning Bathroom.

– Cutting edge technology and design

Designed and built by Brilliant SA
KBDi Design2013 Awards: Winner – Small Bathroom Design SA
HIA SA Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2013: Winner – Bathroom Designer of the Year

This 1934 bungalow had been renovated 27 years previously and was in dire need of an update. The clients expressed a desire for a contemporary style and were willing to experiment with finishes not commonly seen in the bathroom to create a space to excite the senses.

Used by a busy family of three adults, special consideration of storage and usage needs was a priority. Small and lacking natural light, both because of its aspect and the carport outside shading the existing window, it was necessary the design incorporate innovative lighting solutions.

Staron solid surface was chosen for the wall and floor application, and matched with a custom-formed feature vanity to make a functional and visual centrepiece of the design. Caesarstone Concetto features strongly with a back-lit effect creating various moods within the bathroom.

Concealed exhaust fans boast automatic switches while floor heating and a heated towel ladder ensures the room (and towels) say warm and dry.

Clever space-saving design solutions mean the room exudes the spacious and contemporary feel the clients desired. As well as the LED feature lights, both task and backlighting is used throughout key features of the bathroom. Electrical outlets and controls are concealed within the large mirrored cabinet.


KBDi judges:

“The use of lighting, clever materials and refinement made this design totally tasteful. First impression was ‘wow’!… The available space created lots of challenges to overcome but the result was very well done.”

Take a look, we think you’ll agree!

      PG1619-B401   PG1619-B402   PG1619-B403

A far cry from this dark and cluttered space, the new room is a delight to use – as well as to look at!